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Prohibitions,bans & Code of Conduct

Conduct of the students in the institution is closely being monitored.Students ought to follow the below given rules religiously:
  • Only the students carrying a valid identity card issued by the institution wil be allowed to enter the premises.
  • Smoking and other unfair activities are strictly prohibited in the institution.
  • A student remaining absent for seven days from the institution will be struck off from the rolles.
  • A student may avail a leave of 10 days from the institution during an academic session.
  • A students shall be allowed to appear in an examination if she/he has obtained 75% attendance in all subjects.
  • A students shall be liable to disciplinary action if she/he is found to have caused any damage to the school property.
  • A student found guilty of misconduct or indiscipline by the concerned committee shall be discharged from the institution.
  • No student shall be allowed to take his/her motor vehicle beyond the point identified for such purpose.
  • Students found indulging in ragging or other wrong activities shall be expelled.
  • No student shall be allowed to carry cell phone inside the school.
  • No students shall be allowed to enter school premises or classes without the prescribed uniform.
  • Entry should be ensured through the main gate only.
  • All students as well as employees of the Institute including outsiders visiting the institute are required to observe these Prohibitions and bans inside the school and places as mentioned.