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Aga Syed Hassan Mosavi Alsafvi Born on 5 March 1956 is a scion of the clan of the very first founder of the Shia School of thought in Jammu and Kashmir Hazrat Mir Syed Mohammad Shams-ud-din Mosavi  Iraqi (r.a). He succeeded his father Hujatul Islam Wal Muslimeen Haaj Aga Syed Mustafa Mosavi Alsafvi as a President of Jammu and Kashmir Anjuman e Sharie Shian,an organization,having more than hundred years old legacy of representing the Shite Muslims of the state.He holds this position now.He received religious education as per family tradition,.From his very beginning of childhood,his absolute propensity towards educational, social, political and revolutionary activities coupled with the desire for the general development of society.

Aga Syed Hassan did his basic schooling from Babul Ilem  Budgam,he went on to graduate from Jamia Babul Ilem Oriental College Mirgund Budgam,affiliated to Kashmir University.Than he left for further studies to Lucknow,where he joined Sultanul Madaris,Shia Collage and later Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi,where he persuade Graduation in Law ,Honorary Doctorate thesis on interpersonal relations. he joined Hojjateih seminary and mastered in Arabic and Persian literature, Philosophy,theology, Hadith and Tafseer, Islamic Jurisprudence and History Political Science Sociology at Howza Ilmia Qom.

Despite being a Chief Shia Clergy ,Islamic jurisprudent from Indian administered Kashmir,Aga Syed Hassan Almosavi Alsafvi is the Executive Resistance Leader of All Parties of Hurriyat Conference & in 2015 appointed as Chief Patron of Jafaria Supreme Council Azad Jammu and Kashmir.He acclaimed international reputation for having great prowess in analyzing complex socio-political & religious issues meticulously,so far attended & read papers in National & International conferences on Religion,Global relations,Peace & Human rights in Iran, Iraq,Geneva, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indian & Saudi Arabia and thus has proved his mettle internationally. Moreover, He has also been giving guest lectures in many seminaries.

Aga Syed Hassan being considered a moderate and has always called for an end to violence in the region.In pursuit of Wahdat-e-Islami and cohesive social order, he was seen always proactive and practical.

Presently He runs Shariyat court and gives islamic verdicts.There are a number of occasions when sent casest Hon’ble High Court sent cases to his court. He is running many charity programmes,undertaking social reform and Education for all.He is trustee of wakf of Anjuman Sharie and major Shi’ite Shrines and Imam Bargahs in Jammu and Kashmir.Moreover he is head of Howza Jamia Babul Ilm Oriental College & Maktabat-az-Zehra (S.A) and also running more than 200 other branches in Kashmir,where 15 thousand students learning Islamic as well as Modern education across the valley.He always tried to materialize his long cherished dream of serving the Nation.His role is highly appreciable for the betterment of society in promoting education & other issues.