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Message from Principal Desk

Babul Ilm Public (BIP) Higher Secondary School is one of the premier co-educational institution intended to inscribe ambitions for affluence among valley`s human resource with well defined principles of enlightenment,moral uprighteness,social commitment and aspiration to act as a responsible society component.I am immensely pleased to welcome all the new entrants who come and earnestly seek admission in our institution for value education and carrier making.I personally stand for an effective and productive learning environment that brings together value based education,extra curricular activities,modern trends of science and technology and our all societal development.

This type of education system sensitizes the student communities to turn dreams in to reality and bring the institution at par with other institutions of the valley.

I wish a great success to the students of our institution.May Allah bless them with success in all raised missions!

Syed Yaqoob Dilkash