The goals and acts of constitution are not just words of mouth but have to be implemented in letter and spirit and the founding President Anjuman E Sharie Shian had the strong feeling about same. For example in the linguistic foundations like letters, writings of Anjuman E Sharie Shian it is mentioned that although the learning, teaching is going on in seminaries but one has to make sure its stability and positive consequences and for that Anjuman has to play a key role. It was also maintained that without organizational setup to do any goodwork is not only difficult but impossible. The effective organizational structure helps to address key issues swiftly often immediately and for that guidelines i.e drafting and implementing constitution is a must. For this to happen every work of Anjuman E Sharie Shian has to be guided and done according to Islamic Sharia.

The knowledge has to be drawn from the sacred texts of religion and Hadiths from the texts containing lives, instruction and times of Amir ul Momineen .In this regard books like Al kafi, are the main sources to be drawn to learn hadith knowledge from.

In the central text of the constitution the founding President Anjuman E Sharie Shian has stressed on concerns of Ummah, Mutual consultation and promoting unity of Muslim Ummah. So scholars, workers should move ahead keeping in view these responsibilities in mind. In this regard that every work should be done according to the five guiding parameters of sharia which include -The obligatory (wajib),The prohibited (haram), The supererogatory(mandub),The disfavored (makruh),The indifferent (mubah).And if a work or thing collides with Sharia it should never ever be done.

Looking after Central/ President Office: The affairs of central office would be handled by President Anjuman E Sharie Shian and it is logic that for running the affairs of Central office the office human resources is needed to run it. For recruiting the office employees the General Secretary Anjuman E Sharie Shian would have to consult President Anjuman E Sharie Shian and then move ahead. Some sought of remuneration would also be fixed for office employees .For recruiting necessary office employees the permission of President Anjuman E Sharie Shian is mandatory. To run the affairs of office the employee recruited must be Shia Asna Ashari.