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Khanqah Mir Shams Din Araqi (r.a) Zadibal.

Mir Syed Shamsuddin  Iraqi (RA) Shrine Located in Zadibal is of historical importance. As a Sufi missionary Mir Syed Shamsuddin got many non-muslims reverted to religion of Islam. Pertinently, the work of Shrine was started in 909 Hijri and completed in 910 Hijri. Initially it was two storied shrine and its overall length was 30 feet and upper corridor was about 24 feet long. On doors was written the inscriptions of builders of shrine and the personality to whom it is dedicated. When Mir ShamsDin Iraqi RA died he was buried in the Shrine .Just after 45 years of completion of this shrine Mirza Hyder Kashgari plundered this shrine and martyred the entire shrine took away the precious stones to Inderkot.

Pertinently, Daulat Chak who remained Minister of Ismali Sultante from 1551 to 1554 ( 958 Hijri to 961Hijri) and also got soon the reins of power was able to rebuild the historical shrine once again.Daulat Chak also got Mir Daniyal, the Son of Mir ShamsDin Iraqi RA buried very close to his father.

As things later on turned once again ugly and in unprecedented display of sectarian hatred Zaffar Khan Chak son of Shams Chak Kupwara in 1585 ( 994 Hijri) burnt down the entire shrine of Mir ShamsDin Iraqi RA and also completely vandalized the shrine.

Later on when Mughal Emperor Jehangir was on tour to Kashmir in 1612( 1029Hijri) Raiesulmulk Malik Haider Jadoora sought permission to rebuild the shrine of Mir ShamsDin Iraqi RA at and when the permission was granted with his father Malik Hassan they rebuild the shrine once again. A couplet was inscribed in shrine to honour Mir ShamsDin Iraqi RA.

In 1719 (1132 Hijri) during the rule of the Mughal Subedar the shrine was once again burnt down during sectarian clashes and was never rebuilt . Jammu & Kashmir Anjuman e Share Shian is the result of illuminating preaching and practice of Mir ShamsDin Iraqi RA. Since 600 years despite turbulent situations the children of Mir ShamsDin Iraqi RA under Mosavi name are keeping the flame alive. After the death of The founder of ANJUMAN-E-SHARIE SHIAN Aga Syed Yousaf Mosavi the charge of Anjuman was taken over by Aga syed Mustafa al Mosavi al Safav and after that Scholar of Islam, Aga Syed Hassan Mossavi al Safvi , a prominent Islamic jurisprudent, Scholar when taking the charge as President of ANJUMAN-E-SHARIE SHIAN got the Shrine renovated once again which is still going on. Muharram Procession culminates at this Shrine and mourning Assemblies, processions also take place here.

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Khanqah Mir Shams Din Araqi (r.a) Zadibal.