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About Maktab-e-zehraa

All praise is due to Allah, the almighty who is the creator of the universe including the smallest as well as biggest creatures, heavenly bodies, forests, mountains, water bodies and everything else which a human mind can and can`t think of it. Allah, who made human beings the supreme creature on earth, put everything of the universe under his control and authorized him to use all types of resources judiciously in order to the best possible extent. He bestowed the humans with a supreme mental capacity and thus designated them as “Asraf-ul-Makhlookat”. To become a real “Ashraf-ul-Makhlookat” man needs to develop...

Patron`s Desk

In the name of Allah,the most beneficent and the most merciful. It gives me immense pleasure to put on record a few words about Howza Jamia Babul Ilm Oriental College Mirgund Budgam of Kashmir. Profile & biographies are the reflections or impressions regarding somebody or some institution having had done some remarkable works.Our institution cannot be put in the category of such institution.However,this institution has made an attempt to enlighten the youth of this educationally backward community to the extent if could,despite many odds and constraints.All that we did during the past 65 years this institution and its branches had little known to the public and the concerned...


Knowledge Tips

  • The Holy Prophet (s) of Islam said: “Seeking knowledge is inbent upon every Muslim, male and female.”[Al-Majlisi Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 1. p. 177].
  • Imam Ali (a) said: “A person setting forth for the acquisition of knowledge is like the one who struggles in the way of God.” [Al-Majlisi, Bihar al‑Anwar, vol. 1, p. 179]
  •  Prophet Muhammad (s) said “Verily knowledge consists of these three: the ‘firm sign’, the ‘just duty’ and the ‘established sunnah (method)’. All else is superfluous.” [Al‑Kulayni, al‑Kafi, vol. 1, “kitab fadl al‑`ilm”, “bab sifat al‑`ilm wa fadluh”, hadith #1]