All the Historians have opined in unison that great personality Mir Shamsuddin Iraqi (RA) is the founder and first preacher of Shia school of thought in Kashmir.Few Shia saints and scholars had travelled before Mir Syed Shamsuddin Iraqi travelled to Kashmir prominent among them being Sharif ud Din Mosavi , but on account of turbulent circumastances they did not preach the Ahlebayat school of thought.

Pertinently, the real name of Mir Shamsuddin Iraqi (RA) was Syed Mohammad Al Moussawwi Al Safavi and was the grandson of famous Sultan Saif-ud-din and his father was Sultan Ibrahim.Hazrat Mir Shamsuddin Iraqi (RA) first traveled to Kashmir as ambassador of Sultan Wali Hussain Khorasan and after completing his tenure as ambassador in Kashmir left in . After staying in Iran for a while , Mir Shamsuddin Iraqi (RA on the orders of his Spiritual Mentor Syed Mohamad Noorbaksh came ack to Kashmir to spread religion of Islam . Mir Iraqi in 904 Hijri started in an organized manner . After seeing stability, character and spiritual miracles of Mir Shamsuddin Iraqi (RA) people in large number joined Ahlebayat (as) School of though.

In 910 Hijri in order to establish a learning and preaching center , Mir Shamsuddin Iraqi (RA) established a shrine at Zadibal, Srinagar.After getting greatly impressed by the honesty, charcter of Mir Shamsuddin Iraqi (RA), THE KING OF TIME SULTAN MOHAMMAD SHAH handed over the management of Shrine Hamdani (RA) to Mir Shamsuddin Iraqi (RA).As a matter of fact, the foundation stone of Hamdani Shrine was laid by great Sufi Sain Amir Kabir Mir Syed Ali Hamdani (RA) and shrine was completed by his son Mir Mohammad Hamdani(RA). After getting lot of people towards the Shia Sect in Kashmir, Mir Shamsuddin Iraqi (RA) moved towards Gilgit, Ladakh Tibet, Baltistan and preached Shia sect and here people not only followed teachings of Mir Shamsuddin Iraqi (RA) but gave him innumerale Gold, Silver, Jewels for preaching religion of Islam and after this Mir Shamsuddin Iraqi (RA) returned back to Kashmir and further elongated the premises of Zadibal shrine and built several Mosques and Imambaras . Mir Shamsuddin Iraqi (RA) passed away in 932 Hijri. After death of Mir Shamsuddin Iraqi (RA), his elder son Mir Daniyal took forward the preaching path of his father forward. Meanwhile in those days a military minister of Afghan King namely Meer Humuyan who was enemy of Shias travelled to Kashmir and was able to garner his influence in the court of king of that time and ecame his trusted advisor so accordingly in order to remain safe from harm of Enemies Mir Daniyal (RA) went to Tibet and carried forward the preaching of religion of Islam there. Mirza Kashgari made promise to give protection to Mir Daniyal (RA) if he comes back to Kashmir and when Mir Daniyal (RA) returned after sometime in 957 Hijri Mir Daniyal (RA) was martyred by Mirza Kashgari.

After death of Mir Daniyal (RA), his son Mir Ali Daniyal (RA) carried forward the mission of his father of preaching religion of Islam. After the end of Shahmiri Dynasty rule in Kashmir, the Chak dynasty took over.Sultan Gazi Chak was the first ruler of Chak dynasty. Chak Dynasty by sect were shia so the restrictions put on spread of Shia Sect were slowly and steadily lifted. For 30 years, Mir Ali Daniyal (RA ) greatly carried out the work of religious preaching and ultimately in 994 the righteous personality of Mir Daniyal RA got martyred at the hands of a jealous group at village Garend Kalan Budgam.

After your death your esteemed Son Syed Mohammad Mosavi carried forward your mission and after that his son Syed Ali Mosavi carried forward noble mission of religious preaching. After him Syed Haider (RA) carried forward the great mission of religious preaching . And then it has remained a great legacy of Mosavi dynasty that head of the dynasty would carry forward the noble mission of preaching on the lines of great legacy of elders and the chain finally reached Aga Syed Haider Al Mosavi (RA) .

Pertinently, Aga Syed Haider Al Mosavi (RA) sent his son Grand Ayatollah Aga Syed Mehdi Al Mosavi (RA) for further religious education to Najaf (IRAQ) .On account of his great caliber, Grand Ayatollah Aga Syed Mehdi Almosavi (RA) attained the excellence of achieving “IJITHAAD”. After attaining education in Najaf you returned back to Kashmir and faithful gave you donations to further strengthen and organize the religious preaching and thus came into existence Anjuman E Sharie Shian .Intially it was named as Anjuman Mosavi. After death of Grand Ayatollah Aga Syed Mehdi Almosavi (RA), Aga Syed Mohammad AL Mosavi (RA ) the elder and most revered figure of Mosavi dynasty took over the Presidentship of Anjuman E Mosavi. Aga Syed Mohammad AL Mossawwi (RA) went to many people to seek donation so as to strengthen the mission of organization. After the death of Aga Syed Mohammad Al Mosavi (RA) ,Aga Syed Ahmad AL Mosavi the elder and respected personality became President of Anjuman E Mosavi .To strengthen Auqaf infrastructure his contributions are well known and most of the Auqaf land was strengthened which was donated by faithful muslims from the era of Sarakar Ayotallah Aga Syed Mehdi to Aga Syed Ahmad Al Mosavi (RA) .After death of Aga Syed Ahmad Al Mosavi (RA) according to family traditions the senior most figure and brother of Aga Syed Ahmad Al Mosavi (RA) , Ayatollah Aga Syed Yousuf Al Mosavi (RA) who was elderly and world known personality became the head of what is currently known ANJUMAN-E-SHARIE SHIAN. Ayatollah Aga Syed Yousuf Al Mosavi (RA) changed the name of organization from Anjuman Mosavi to ANJUMAN-E-SHARIE SHIAN. Ayatollah Aga Syed Yousuf AL Mosavi (RA) also formulated the entire constitution of ANJUMAN-E-SHARIE SHIAN which was known by Aqazulabad. Ayatollah Aga Syed Yousuf Al Mosavi (RA) as the founder of ANJUMAN-E-SHARIE SHIAN nominated his brother Aga Syed Mustafa Al Mosavi (RA) via the constitution the new head of ANJUMAN-E-SHARIE SHIAN. As a matter of fact it is rightly said that Aga Syed Mustafa Al Mosavi (RA) rendered great services to his brother and risked his life many a times and had not been his historic support ANJUMAN-E-SHARIE SHIAN would not have been established. As the Aga Syed Mustafa Al Mosavi (RA) became the head of ANJUMAN-E-SHARIE SHIAN according to the will of the founder Ayatollah Aga Syed Yousuf Al Mosavi (RA). After death of Aga Syed Mustafa Al Mosavi the shias of Kashmir while taking the massive funeral procession and nominated Aga Syed Hassan Al Mosavi as the head of Anjuman E Share Shian.

After the death of Aga Syed Mustafa Al-Mosavi Al-Safavi, with the great support of people Hujatul Islam Aga Syed Hassan al Mosavi headed the organization and via his great leadership skills Anjuman-e-Share Shian travelled several successful odysseys. The current head of Anjuman-e-Share Shian has got scores of historical religious places and institutes renovated which include shrines of Mir Shams Din Iraqi (RA) at Zadibal and Chaddoora, Imambara at Hassanabad and other religious places at Mirgund Budgam. On political front, Hujatul Islam Aga Syed Hassan al Mosavi the current head of Anjuman-e-Share Shian has with zeal championed the just resolution of Kashmir Dispute and in this regard represented Kashmir cause at different countries of Asia, Africa ,Europe etc.With the impressive progress of Anjuman-e-Share Shian it was included as an important constituent in the largest pro-freedom political Platform All Parties Hurriyat Conference APHC). Aga Syed Hassan al Mosavi is a personality of large-hearted attitude and great wisdom.