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  1. April 28, 2015

    This is an Amazing Site as the Shai Muslims can get now easily connected to their Respective Aga-sahib’s.

    The Shai Muslims can now watch Online Lecture Live across the Globe without any problem

    From Zabair

  2. July 30, 2015

    Asalamualykum wa rehmatullah,

    I wish that being one of the followers and lover of your family even dynasty, I will point out few points and I request you to kindly take a note of them and act positively.
    I am a young educationist and am worried about few facts that need to be considered and worked out, they are as follows:
    1. Please be united, Agha Syed Hassan Mustafa Al Mosavi being the elder of the family of Marhoom Aga Syed Mustafa al Mosavi (RA) you are responsible for any wrong happenings within your family & in your organizations. I am not saying that you are wrong No! not at All. But you need to take care of every thing. You are MashAllah Very patient and have sacrificed alot. But please try to unite your family.
    2. When you have got very talented people in your family why you are giving free hand to the outsiders. you should review this policy.
    Please bring back Aga Mohsin, Aga Abdul Hussain and Aga Ruhullah and assign separate departments to them to take care of along with Aga Syed Mohammad Aqeel, Aga Syed Mujtaba Abbass, you just remain in touch with religious and Islamic activities that is the dream of Youth and collect monthly reports from them and present the same in Majlis-i-Shoura of Anjuman.
    3. Persons Like Aga Syed Mohammad Taqi, Aga Abid Hussaini should head Islamic Schools & Dars Gahs and Islamic Publications should also been handed over to them, English Medium school should be handed over to that person who has taking care of it in 2011, I do not remember his name but I have heard that he is your sisters Son. But keeping everything aside he had done a lot of change during his tenure in English Medium.
    4. Change the Members of Anjuman as they are back biting and defaming your image by saying wrong things about you. Please do not mind but It is fact. I will not expose their names but will give you hints about them, one is a Doctor by profession he has duel policy, another is Zakir-i-Ahlulbait but is jealous of your fame, another is working with you since long, one more is educationist, One more is from Srinagar but i donot know his profession may be he might be hair dresser (healthy & Short in height) . They all need to be replaced even vacated from Anjuman.
    5. You must organize the Seminars on various events across the Jammu & Kashmir inviting Scholars and Students to participate in these seminars on different events. Not even a single event should be missed be it a wafat or a viladat or the winning day of Holy Wars.
    6. You should organize Bait-Ul-Maal to help out the poor and needy in the community. For this the announcements must be made on Friday prayers and there should be a clear vision & mission to ensure that our community will develop and in future we will be able to see developed community, developed in every respect either economically or educationally & Morally.
    I have much more to say but will write to you as if the action is taken on these points. I hope InshAllah you will get suceed once you will hear from people and work it out .

    Thanking you with prayers for your success.


    Zahoor Mehdi

    From Zahoor Ahmad