Anjuman E Sharie Shian would consist of following Departments:
  1. Department of Education
  2. Department of Preaching
  3. Department of mourning and commemoration
  4. Department of Auqaf
  5. Department of Public contact
  6. Department of Jurisprudence
  7. Department of Finance
  8. Department of Public Welfare
  9. Department of Politics
  10. Department of donation to destitute and poor
  11. Department of Public Information and Media
  • Department of Education The Department would fulfill following functions: For awakening the adult Men, women with pearls of education the adult education centers have been created and would be expanded and looked after . The Department would also create religious seminaries for education of children. Recruiting qualified teachers for these institutes. Organizing camps for training the human resource of seminaries. The students after receiving education from elementary schools would be sent to higher education to Babul Alim Mirgund and to School in Hasnabad Srinagar. After getting education they will be deputed to Iran for achieving excellence.
  • Department of Preaching:
The Department would perform following functions :
  1. Establishing in all Shia population areas of the state Preaching institutes and appointing Imams for Jamaat Prayers.
  2. To make arrangements for Friday Prayers in the areas of Central importance .The Imams of Jamaat and Jummah prayers will be provided monthly remunerations.
  3. The conscious members of rural committees would be made to see and overview championing of teachings of Sharia and purge the anti-sharia things.
  4. The Department of Preaching would also oversee the arrangements for tour of eminent Ulemas and President of Anjuman E Sharie Shian to different preaching, learning centers.
  • Department of Mourning:
The Department of Mourning would perform following functions:
  1. Conduct of Majalis (Assemblies) on eve of death anniversaries of Chaharda Masoomeen To make arrangements with concerned Committees for gatherings and processions. Keep records of financial expenditures incurred and donations received during these processes and get them deposited in central account.
  2. To overview and oversee the mourning processions.
  3. To organize temporarily the volunteer teams for successful implementation of these programmes.
  4. To make necessary announcements with reference to these mourning and tribute programmes and make arrangements for ablution, Bathroom facilities, Transport facilities .To also create spate spaces for men and women worshipers in this regard.
  5. To coordinate with authorities, law enforcement agencies and seek permissions in this regard
  6. To create expert committees to have an analytical and reformative analysis of Kashmiri Marsiya. Before reciting Nohay its particular context, situation, literary value and importance from paradigm of sharia has to be explained. Anti- Sharia tunes in Nohay should be examined and reformed accordingly.
  7. The mourning processions to be scheduled in such way that it does not collide with timings of Nimaz and Nimaz is to be offered on right time. Creating first aid centers at every place and providing intermingling of men and women in mourning processions.
  • Department of Auqaf
  1.  To draft the list of entire Auqaf properties of Shia (Imamiya) in the state .
  2. To overview the management of the Auqaf properties and keep a list of properties of Auqaf in form of Land, Gardens and other properties such as houses and shops .To keep all records in proper registry and inform the financial department with necessary information in this regard. The Auqaf Department would also look after those mosques built in coordination of Anjuman E Sharie Shian.
  3. The Department would formulate analytical report with reference to accounts and other issues of Present Auqaf and can investigate the same. Under the light of the observations the responsibilities would be fixed on representatives of concerned places . Any effective reform and criticism in light of these reports would be made by the Auqaf Department and corrective steps if needed will be taken.
  4. To formulate the vision and road map for enriching the properties of Auqaf and see to possibilities of creating Industrial units on the income of Auqaf properties like shops and houses and use that for rejuvenating and increasing Auqaf properties.
  5. After contacting Districts and places to have an overview of Auqaf expenses, and in local places the Auqaf which is of local nature but set with assistance of Anjuman E Sharie to look for legal and genuine means to cater to these.
  6. Grouping of the Auqaf Properties and making estimates of total income and expenditure in this regard. The expansion of Auqaf properties or rebuilding, renovating the same would be presided by the President of Anjuman E Shaie Shian Directly who is also the Mutawali Of Auqaf Department and these powers lie with every President who takes charge of Anjuman E Sharie Shian. But in the sale and buying of Auqaf properties the President will have to take in consultation the Majalis Amila.
  • Department of Public Contact: This Department would perform following functions :
  1. Unity among community especially seeking unity and brotherhood among Muslims and make relentless efforts in this regard
  2. For the triumph of Islam and for the welfare of Muslims maintain close ties with other religious organizations. To make arrangements for public meetings and conventions
  3. Take part in virtuous woks of other philanthropic organizations aimed at betterment of humanity.
  • Department of Jurisprudence:
As the decisions made in light of teachings of Quran and Hadiths have been guiding principles of Islamic Sharia system so keeping this fact in mind the needs of Sharia Courts and separate Jurisprudence is need more so in those places which fall under the government of those countries whose constitution is either secular o atheist in nature .Anjuman E Sharie Shian has created thus its own sharia courts werein Shia Asna Ashri , Muslims from other sects and even Non-Muslims can register their legal cases. The Department would undertake further following functions:
  1. To settle the day to day disputes of people according to Quan and Sunnah and teachings of Ahal AL Bayt so that people do not waste their time and resources in courts.
  2. Without any bias or barrier the doors of Sharia courts are open to everyone .
  3. Decision and arbitration in individual and collective issues and disputes. Without any hassles providing justice
  4. Be it marriage, divorce or property will related issues all will be heeded via sharia courts and efforts made for mutual reconciliation.
  • Department of Finance: Since inception two types of sources of income have been classified under the control of Anjuman E Sharie Shian. The sources of income which will come under central control of Department of Finance is as under :-
  1. Any donation come to Anjuman e Sharie Shian from foreign organizations even if it is meant for some particular department.
  2. That income either in cash or kind which comes to Anjuman from basic committee or District level and it would be specifically categorized under the spirit of Sharia .
  3. That income which is deposited at Imambaras or Auqaf with religious intentions especially one that is collected via public announcements.
  4. That income which is deposited in name of Anjuman by the donor keeping in view his or her philanthropic intentions.
  5. The income that comes from properties in areas like land, farm, oasis affiliated with Anjuman.
  6. Religious donations, relief, kafara, sacrificial hides, emergency donations, blood money, Imam Zamin etc.Department of Finance will have separate accounts for different types of sources of donation. Receipt Books issuance or putting timeframes on them would be done under prescribed guidelines
  7. The donations received for education and management of Jamia Babul Alim will be deposited in central account with the name and that particular paradigm. Similarly, any income received from the land, oasis affiliated to that particular Jamia Babul Alim would be deposited under that particular act in Central account which is meant for use of Department of education or under donations meant for Jamia Babul Alim and for that very purpose entered also on specific receipt books meant for Education sector.
  8. Any unit setup from Central assistance or income generated from any complex of Auqaf would also be deposited in Central account.
  9. For the religious institutes set at local level separate receipt books would be issued and the income received via these would be spent on local institutes itself. But from time to time from Department of education grants will be issued to local institutes and they will have to maintain cash books to keep record of income and expenditure.
  10. Income generated via common and special membership would be deposited in central account.
  11. All the income received via the donations given to a particular Imambara, mosque, Graveyard , Shrine which has than to be spent on mourning processions, preaching or a particular motive has to collected by members via receipt books issued to them by the respective presidents of rural committees. Accounts of income and expenditure in this regard should be maintained in a transparent way and Finance Department has right to investigate the same records.
  12. All the paradigms of receipt books like their issuance, storage, recods would be maintained by the Department of Finance.
  13. Department of Finance via its members will make arrangements for collecting emergency funds as directed by Majlis Amila. Department of Finance would also devise means to expand the sources of income .
  • Department of Public Welfare Department of Public welfare would take relentless measures for renovation of Mosques, Seminaries, Imambaras and would release funds in this regard. Setting ablution centers, bathrooms in distant villages would also be taken as priority and grants will be issued in this regard.
  • Department of Politics It is an evident reality that religion and politics cannot be separated. The elements who are responsible for separating religion and politics are responsible intentionally for imprisoning Islam in Mosques and Shrines. The Ulema of Islam by relinquishing politics entails that they are handing over the affairs of humanity to infidels and atheists. The real Scholars of Islam are those who create a long lasting vision and create conditions for creations of Islamic government and system werein its chances are minimum via their excellence and also defend the broader rights of Muslim ummah under a hostile government. Keeping in view the political Department of Anjuman E Sharie Shian will fully seek to defend the rights of majority muslim community in Jammu and Kashmir and raise its voices in this regard and seek triumph of Islam. It would also raise voice and register protests if anti- people and anti Islam polices are famed by the government and force it roll back same via protest. Shias of Kashmi have historically played an important role in freedom struggle of Kashmir. Anjuman E Sharia Shian is also playing an important role in freedom struggle of Kashmir by being an important constituent of Hurriyat conference. The seasoned, farsighted, honest voices to be included in political department of Anjuman is a priority. Political Department also has to conduct public rallies throughout length and breadth of state.
  • Department for Donation to Destitute and poor: A lot of people from Shia Asna Ashri community are poor and destitute and Anjuman out of its limited resources especially via Shara income would try to help them out. All the needy would be catered irrespective of their religious or other affiliations.
  • Department of Public Information and Media: In present world media has played a key role in prosperity and destabilization of nations. Journalistic community closeness to values of fairness, honesty can lead a nation towards prosperity. Since electronic media on most of the times is under tight control of the government so expectations with reference to raising of voice of truth and righteousness can only be had from Newspapers and Magazines.Anjuman E Sharie Shian Department of Information and Media while raising the voice of truth in light of teachings of Ahal AL Bayt has represented and would continue to represent aspirations of Shia community of Jammu and Kashmir. Department of Information has a role to raise voice against atrocities committed by the government of India against the oppressed nation of Kashmir. The Department of Information of Public Information and Media of Anjumane Sharie Shian would advertise and publicize the activities and achievements of Shias of Jammu and Kashmir with reference to Religious, literary, political fields .It would also seek publishing of books and magazines with reference to Sharia issues and other woldly, religious issues.