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J & K ANJUMAN-E-SHARIE SHIAN CONSTITUTION (Foundation Day: 28 Rabia Sani , 1370 Hijri).

Promulgated on :1425 Hijri ,2004

Organization Name: Anjuman E Sharie Shian
Jammu and Kashmir

Central Office: Darul Mustafa Shariatabad

Foundation Day: 28 Rabia Sani , 1370 Hijri.


Historical Perspective in light of historical writings and letters (Az Aqazul-ibad)

For Righteous Path and settling divese Issues need of religious education and to make arrangements for that religious education Anjumane Sharie Shian will work and people are also adding the noble effort since inception. Men, Women, Children , workers gave tremendous donations for religious and welfare oriented work. With the grace of Allah, the work related to educational and religious preaching paradigm has been successfully going on. Since individual efforts do not bear fruits so far overall betterment and stability organized efforts are needed and thus Anjuman came in to existence. For achieving noble religious goals an organization is better suited. The functioning and constitution of Anjuman E Sharie Shian is not based like the common peoples organizations wherein head is elected by majority. Here in Anjuman E Sharie Shian the rules are formulated according to Islamic Sharia and the leader according to Imamite School of thought has to be Imam of his times.

Anjuman E Sharie Shian was formed to reform the lives of Shias of Kashmir according to actual teachings of Islamic Sharia , in order to via this paradigm also deal with worldly and eternal issues of followers. The respected elders of Anjuman E Sharie Shian always work in consultation for overall betterment and then transfer the policy mechanism with reference to works to implement it on ground zero via workers and if a worker envisages a good idea for community betterment he has to seek permission first from the President of Anjuman E Sharie Shian.