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Central Imam Bargah Budgam.

In the year 1857 A.D, Grand Ayatollah Aga Syed Mehdi Mosavi al Safvi (r.a) Constructed a splendid Mosque and Imambara at Budgam. When more and more people began to throng Imambara in order to remember Ahl al-Bayt (as) , the need of more space was felt so the beloved son of Grand Ayatollah Aga Syed Mehdi namely esteemed late Aga Syed Ahmad al Mosavi Al Safvi accordingly got the entire Imambara reconstructed so as to widen its space in 1924 A.D. When with time, need of more space was felt another extension was carried by the brother of Late Aga Syed,Aga Syed Yousuf Mosavi Al Safvi to with further undertook construction and widened the Imambara Budam space.Inside the building was designed by Asgar Ali of Mirgund, Budgam.Pertinently, Imambara Budgam is the biggest Imambara of Jammu& Kashmir. Hajj Aga Syed Yousuf Mosavi al Safvi got a mosque constructed near the Imambara premises. Every Friday and on other occasions Congregational prayers are offered here and Mosavi clerics deliver sermons.

Boasting of a magnificent architectural acumen, ImamBara Budgam comprises of five entry points each of 12 ft width one of which is specially made for the women followers.Imam Bara Budgam can be seen in the shape of an octagon. Influence of the Indo-Iranian construction skill is quite evident in the interior premises of Imam Bara Budgam.

Shia Muslims from Srinagar and adjoining areas visit Imambara Budgam to offer prayers. After the demise of Aga Syed Yousuf Mosavi the son of late esteemed late Aga Syed Ahmad Al Mosavi Al Safvi namely Aga Syed Mustafa al Mosavi Al Safvi, an Authority on Islam , looked after the Budgam Imambara and got it renovated.

ANJUMAN-E-SHARIE SHIAN also manages the Budgam Imambara, the Presidentship of which is currently held by Aga Syed al Hassan al Mosavi Al Safvi, an Authority on Islam. Throughout the year a number of Mourning Assemblies are held in this Imambara and lacs of Muslims participate in these gatherings. On the day of Ashura, the main mourning procession of Budgam culminates here. The Mosque construction and catering is done with utmost care. It is noteworthy that Interiors of Budgam Imambara present a splendid look and is a paragon of excellent wooden work.

Among those eminent personalities who had visited Budgam Imam bara;In 1982,Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei(representative of Imam Khomeini),Late Ayatollah Mehdvi Qani,Ayatollah Gulzadeh Gafoori,Ayatollah Gulsukhri,Imam Baha-ud-din (Imam of Bohras) etc and several delivered historical sermons and speeches at Budgam Imambara.

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Central Imam Bargah Budgam.
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