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Aga Syed Mustafa Mosavi Alsafvi

Aga Syed Mustafa Mosavi Alsafvi Najafi is the grandson of the Ayatollah Aga Syed Mehdi Almosavi Najafi.Aga Syed Mustafa acquired his religious education in Iraq under the guidance of Ayatollah Tabatabai and other great Islamic jurisprudents.When in 1947,war broke out between India & Pakistan,he returned to Budgam from Iraq via Rawallpindi.He came into prominence when movement was led for retrieving the Holy Relic in 1963.He organized a massive procession from Budgam and led a historic Unity prayer at Lal Chowk Srinagar to promote proximity & brotherhood among different schools of thoughts in Islam.

From very his beginning Aga Mustafa had visited Hijaz,Iran,Iraq,Syria,Pakistan & India,also perfomed Hajj & other Ziyarat of all the important descendants of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh). Aga Syed Mustafa never associate himself with separatist or mainstream politics,in 1990 when Amanullah Khan constituted Cabinet for Azad Jammu Kashmir in Muzaffarabad and appointed Aga Syed Mustafa as “Minister” but he did`nt pay any attention towards it.

In Kashmir he also headed the Shia Shariah Court founded by Aga dynasty over 200 years ago. It is here to mention that on 21th Zil Hajj 1364 H (1944 A.D.) when Aga Syed Ahmad Mosavi Safvi died,people chose his elder son Aga Syed Mustafa Almosavi Alsafvi as his successor but young Aga denied to accept this responsibility and followed his uncle Grand Aga Syed Yousuf Mosavi Najafi Kashmiri as successor of his father and served Islam under the leadership of his uncle until his last breath.

After the death of Aga Syed Yousuf Al Mosavi (RA) in 1982 A.D.according to family traditions the senior most figure Aga Syed Mustafa Al Mosavi (RA) world known personality became the head of ANJUMAN-E-SHARIE SHIAN & worked as a deputy during the periof of Late Aga Syed Yousuf.As the Aga Syed Mustafa Al Mosavi (RA) became the head of ANJUMAN-E-SHARIE SHIAN according to the will of the founder Ayatollah Aga Syed Yousuf Al Mosavi (RA) but his son Aga Syed Mohammad Fazullallah added a paragraph to the last will of his father on his own and became head of academic section of Anjuman E Sharie Shian.Although when it became evident from the will that there were no such signatures and all the witness accounts proved claims of Aga Fazullallah as fake but he did not stop here and continued to mislead the nation and formed parallel Anjuman E Sharie Shian.But despite this majority of populace rubbished his fake claims nonetheless it created chaos the and bad results of which are still felt.

Aga Fazullah with few disgruntled elements also had eschewed lot of Auqaf property. When the dispute continued and final decision was sought from Islamic Republic of Iran`s founder Ayatollah Imam Khomeni (RA),Grand Ayatollah Nasir Makarem Sherazi and several other religious luminaries via judgment also declared Aga Syed Fazullah claims as fake and called Aga Syed Mustafa Al Mosavi as rightful head.

At the age of 90,Aga Syed Mustafa breathed his last on 21st August 2002 & according to official reports more than 50,000 attended the funeral prayer at Budgam.Late Aga Syed Mustafa is buried at ancestral Shrine in Budgam Kashmir.