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Shaheed Aga Syed Mehdi

(A lamp that was untimely put off)

In the 20th Century Moussavi Family was bestowed with a child who was born in the household of Hujat ul Islam wa Muslimeen Aga Syed Mustafa Al Mosavi Al Safvi (RA) on 10th Shaban 1378 Hijri, 19 February 1959 , the child came to be known as Sarkar Ayatollah Aga Syed Mehdi Mosavi Al Safavi (RA) in short terms also known as Mehdi who later on brought laurels for family. Earthquake like struck when on 3rd October, 2000 this great young Mujahid was martyred while travelling to Magam via a secret plan and people in lacs offered the funeral prayers of the body parts collected. Whole environ of Budgam was converted in to an Ashura like atmosphere with heartrending loud cries heard for several days as a tribute to this great martyr.

Martyr Aga Syed Mehdi (RA) Was attached to not just Muslims but every justice seeking righteous humans. At a time when the champions of humans rights, genuine voices raising voice for triumph of Islam are facing tremendous hardship Aga Syed Mehdi decided to plunge in politics for envisaging an aura of revolution. But after getting fed up with tradition polity, when Aga Syed Mehdi (RA) Decided to form an independent platform of dedicated, religious and righteous humans to usher an era of positive dynamism the enemies of Islam, lovers of atheist and secular systems got this great son of soil martyred so that he does not fulfill these noble objectives.

Martyr Aga Syed Mehdi (RA) from inception to end was threat for agents of oppression and injustice. Who is not aware of great deeds of Aga Syed Mehdi (RA) as he was like a Messiah for people of every religion on account of his bravery and pro-humanity nature. Aga Syed Mehdi (RA) martyrdom lent an irreparable loss to nation of Kashmir.

Aga Syed Mehdi (RA) From beginning to end via his great struggle tried to change the fate of this land towards betterment and left a great mark on people of his nation. His lessons of bravery, righteousness, brotherhood and morality are great traditions inherited from his personality . Aga Syed Mehdi (RA) Via his great caliber and struggles changed for betterment the distinction of poor and rich , strong and poor. Even after leaving this world, he has a left a great mark on his lovers .

Son of Mustafa Shaheed Aga Syed Mehdi played a historic role in preventing Valley especially villages by the bloodshed of forces.Irrespective of creed and religion,thousands of youths were hauled alive from the custodian & interrogation centres of Army & SOG by Aga Syed Mehdi. During the days of sacred Ashura, Aga Syed Mehdi (RA) used to be a great Nawah reciter and via his firebrand speeches would narrate the bravery and biography of historic martyrs of Kabala. He would stress on people to follow closely teachings of Holy Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and those wonderful memories of martyr Aga Syed Mehdi (RA) still refresh his lovers. You were buried at Budgam Shrine.