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Aga Syed Hussain Almosavi Alsafvi

Aga Syed Hussain Al Mosavi Al Safavi was born on 4th Muharram, 1361 Hijri (22ND January, 1941) at the respected household of Aga Syed Ahmad AL Mosavi Al Safavi who was your grandfather, Your mother was the daughter of Hujatul Islam Aga Syed Yousuf Al Mosavi Al Safavi. You were the son of Hujat ul Islam Wal Muslimeen Aga Syed Mustafa Al Mosavi Al Safvi.

When Jamia Babul Alim was inaugurated your age was around 8 years. Till the age of 16 years, Aga Syed Hussain Al Mosavi Al Safavi completed the education of Molvi, Molvi Alim and Molvi Fazil and went for attaining further excellence in religious knowledge to Najaf Sharif Iraq. Your esteemed persona attained highest levels of excellence in knowledgeable realms of Islam and joined the galaxy of stars like Grand Ayatollah Imam Syed Mohsin (R.A),Grand Ayatollah Hazrat Imam Syed Ruhallah Khomeini Mosavi (RA), Ayatollah Akabari (RA),Syed Abul Qasim and Martyr Ayotallah Aga Mustafa Khomeni (RA). The personality of Aga Syed Hussain Al Mousavi Al Safavi (RA) Played a great role in the Islamic revolution and also kept the people of Kashmir aware with Islamic revolution via literary sources.

You would continuously send sacred literary texts , revolutionary texts of Islamic government and create great enthusiasm and aura among faithful. In the court of great Imam Hakkim (RA) the personality of Aga Syed Hussain Al Mosavi Al Safavi was held with high esteem and worked untiringly for several years against Zionist regime of Israel and hateful regime of Iraq. After 6 years of long work and seeking the permission from learned scholars you returned to your motherland Kashmir but the road back to native land was not easy initially. Finally when appointed as Friday Preacher at Hassanabad , people began to recognize you great excellence via your marvelous religious speeches, wittings and flamboyant preaching. You went back to Iran and Participated in world famous Ulema Conference and held meetings with Imam`s of Ummat and other luminaries. Aga Syed Hussain Al Mosavi Al Safavi lead Friday prayers at places like Sonpah and Udiyana and several other places and got a great seminary constructed at Moza Shalina and got the learning and teaching process started there. You had dream to convert Babul Alim into world famous seminary. From your speeches the fragrance of revolution and politics of ethics was smelt. After completing studying in Najaf you always dreamed of a great Islamic revolution and wanted to end sectarianism. Aga Syed Hussain Al Mosavi Al Safavi (RA) Lend valuable efforts to bridge SHIA-SUNNI differences.

At the young age of 42, Aga Syed Hussain Al Mosavi Al Safavi passed away. First your treatment was done at Srinagar in a Hospital; than at AIMS Delhi but you did not recover and finally on 1404 Hijri 14 Jamadul Awal ,16 February 1984 left this world .Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oun. Hearing about the news of your death, Shia community was shaken and in lacs assembled as mourners in Budgam. Your are buried in Budgam Shrine.