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Aga Syed Ahmad Mosavi Alsafvi

Aga Syed Ahmad Mosavi Najafi is the son of Ayatollah Aga Syed Mohammad Mosavi (RA) and was the successor of his esteemed father after his death. Aga Syed Ahmad Mosavi Najafi was a human of great principles, valor and humane manners and spent this entire life in charity and service of religion .Marks on your forehead on account of spending great time in prayers and devotion was visible.

Like his ancestors, Aga Syed Ahmad Mosavi Najafi was bestowed with positive qualities. It is very well known that the mud on which Aga Syed Ahmad Mosavi Najafi performed ablution was taken as a relic by the people. Aga Syed Ahmad Mosavi Najafi spent his entire life in delivering sermons, highlighting the life of Ahl-Al-Bayt, seeking reformation in people and serving them.

Aga Syed Ahmad Mosavi got in 1353 Hijri Imambara Hasnabad renovated according to modern techniques, Constructed Shrine of Mir ShamsDin Araqi at Chaddora Budgam, Got Imambara Budgam widened and constructed several shops and houses for masses.His life was paragon of philanthropy and great community service. It would be correct to say that your entire life and legacy was the paragon of simplicity, virtues and full of great deeds and acts.Aga Syed Ahmad Mosavi Passed away in 1364 Hijri and is buried in Budgam Shrine.