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About Babul-Ilem-Public Hr.Sec. School

The state of Jammu and Kashmir has suffered a great set back in its education system for centuries together during reign of different rulers. Most rulers tended to keep people of Jammu and Kashmir ignorant for their political benefits. In such a state of affair, Islamic clergy of the state played a role in building the system of education and provide basic as well as higher learning to the people of J&K. Therefore, Maktabas and Madrasas were established. These Islamic learning institutions became major provider of basic education of Arabic, Persian and Islamic Sciences, Literature and Philosophy. Jamia babul ilem is one of such few Oriental Schools of Learning, which was established by Anjuman Sharie Shian Jammu and Kashmir, to contemplate on the educational needs of Shia community. Anjuman Sharie Shian established hundreds of Maktabas across the state, in every village or Muhallah that was associated with the organization with the central Madrasa at Budgam. It not only provided education but also trained learners in certain skills so that they would be able to earn their livelihood. Jamia Babul Ilem also provided boarding and lodging at Budgam for higher and Madrasa education. The finest (Ulema) teachers were engaged for teaching who themselves were usually alumni of Jamia Babul Ilem itself. Similarly other alumni were deployed to Maktabs as well. In 20th century, the changing nature of society demanded a new education system that could address modern time needs of the students, as well as that could cater the new aspiration of community. Therefore Anjuman-e-Sharie Shian and Jamia Baul Ilem conceived an idea of a school, which would be amalgamation of oriental learning and modern education. Where a formal education would be given to boys and girls to prepare them for challenges ahead. J&K Anjuman-e-Sharie Shian observed that not only Shia and Sunnis but also non-muslims of remote areas of Budgam were also deprived of education. So Anjuman Sharie chalked out a blueprint of a school, which solve this problem and provide quality education to all sections of society regardless of caste, religion, sex, social status etc. Islamic learning was made optional for non-Muslims. The dream came true and the school namely ‘Babul Ilem Public Heigher Secondary’, was established in 1983 at Budgam under dynamic leadership of Aga Syed Mustafa al-Mosavi, the then President of Anjuman Sharayee Shian, in adjoining buildings of Jamia Babul Ilem, with the first Principal being a Hindu lady with multi-religious staff of teachers. By:Khairunnisa Aga